• Don & Mike Join The Team

Welcome to the team Don Stanley & Mike Jones

Today I’m very happy to announce 2 new members to my team.

Don Stanley – Coach & Therapist
Originally from Maine, Don has been working as a sports therapist and athletic coach for 25+ years. Some of his certifications and qualifications include CFSC, FMS, SFMA, TPI MEDICAL 3, FITNESS 3, JRS 3 POWER 2 Precision Nutrition PN1 FRC FR. Don designs and executes custom programs of sports med, rehab, and athletic performance enhancement for professional athletes. He is also a professional trainer, massage therapist.

Mike Jones – Media & Web Developer
California born, Florida raised and Australian cultured, Mike has traveled the world in search of perfect waves and new friends. He is a photographer, designer, developer and all around creative hipster. Mike received his Bachelor Degree from the University of North Florida in 2010, and since then has launched multiple successful brands and worked as a photographer for a Billabong owned surf resort in Australia called The Komune.

I’m very excited for the upcoming projects with the new team members, and we look forward to creating more content and helping more athletes together in the future.

-Dr. James Spencer

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I am a Sports Performance Chiropractor, a Certified Athletic Trainer, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture living in South Florida.